SEO Company

Studio Stripe is an SEO company. As a search engine optimization agency, we specialize in SEO services with a focus on the return of investment (ROI). Studio Stripe brings sustainable website solutions for leading online search engines.

Recognized SEO Agency

Search engine optimization is an online marketing discipline, where you can attract visitors to your website via Google or other search engines with organic search results.

Experts from the SEO agency Studio Stripe show you how to set up your website strategically and conceptually, as well as technically and in terms of content, to be recognized and listed by the search engines as the most relevant page for a topic area.

We support you in the analysis and research of relevant search terms for your company to increase the discoverability of your product portfolio and in the long term and to successfully integrate SEO into your online marketing mix.

Studio Stripe offer services in the field of search engine optimization for individuals and companies, medium-sized businesses, as well as for corporations and nationally active companies, publishers, or portals. Together with our SEO experts, we maximize the visibility of your website in the organic search results through an SEO strategy that is individually tailored to your company.

We act as an SEO agency, 100% sustainable, and align the search engine optimization so it achieves appropriate results in the coming years.

Our SEO services

Benefit from your internet reach from the expertise of our SEO professionals. Together we get the maximum potential out of your visibility in search engines!

SEO Audit

How is your website positioned for search engines? What is going well and what badly? Apply for an SEO audit, we will analyze it for you!

SEO Consulting

Our SEO consultant as sparring partner will optimize your website continuously and in close coordination, with your marketing and IT, a department within the scope of SEO consulting.

SEO Strategy

Based on keyword, competition, and status quo analysis, we develop an individual SEO content strategy for you, on which all further optimization measures are based.

OnPage Optimization

In the context of OnPage SEO services, we carry out measures (technical and content-related) that address relevant factors directly on your website.

Link building

In regards to link building, we consider and optimize external factors (external links or social signals) that influence the ranking of your website.

Keyword analysis

During keyword research and analysis, we determine relevant search terms that your potential target group enters in search engines and with which you would like to be found.

Google penalties

We support you in case of Google penalty, reconsideration requests, and continuous link risk management.

Relaunch Consulting

Doing a relaunch without an SEO expert is not a good idea! As an SEO company, relaunch consulting is our daily bread. We are happy to help you not to lose your visibility.

International SEO

International SEO is very important for search engines to understand that you are internationally active. We help you to avoid duplicate content and many other typical mistakes.

Why search engine optimization?

  1. Discoverability – 94% of people use a search engine for their internet research. So you should be present with your website in search engines so that users become aware of you. Good rankings are crucial: Studies have shown that over 80% of Internet users only look at the first three organic results on Google & Co.
  2. Sustainability – unlike search engine advertising, clicks on organic search results are completely free. Marketing costs can be reduced through prominent placements. The risk of being penalized due to shoddy SEO work is high. Sustainable search engine optimization should be carried out, which is oriented towards Google’s quality guidelines. A stable organic reach is not built up overnight. Measures that bring short-term success often violate Google’s quality guidelines and then fizzle out again very quickly. Sustainable search engine optimization takes more time than two to three months.
  3. Trustworthiness – you don’t buy your way onto the first results page with your website, as with Google Ads, but your website is listed high up by Google as a relevant result.

Why should Studio Stripe support you as an SEO company?

Individually tailored solutions

  • Personal, direct contact person in the area of SEO fixes and coordination meetings.
  • Exchange and getting to know each other: At the beginning of each collaboration, the SEO consultant dives into the company’s business model, USPs, products, and processes.
  • Individual definition of goals, metrics & KPIs for the search engine optimization of your website.

A sustainable and serious approach

  • Sustainable and long-term increase in the number of visitors to your website through organic traffic.
  • Maximum transparency through reporting, documentation, and monitoring.

Proximity to the publishing industry

  • Exclusive access to an internal publisher network for our clients.
  • High-quality content through our own in-house editorial team.

Many years of experience

  • Experience since 2007 in online marketing / SEO for small, medium, and large websites
  • Comprehensive expertise: The SEO staff is also trained in other online marketing disciplines to evaluate SEO in the overall context of your online marketing mix and to unleash synergy effects.
  • Holistic SEO understanding: We align the SEO strategy with your business and not only ensure more visitors to your website, but also increase sales and leads through conversion-centric SEO.

Certified Specialists

  • Link Research Tools Associates.
  • Google Analytics Qualified.
  • Continuous education of our employees through training, seminars, and conferences.

Network and Tools

  • Ahrefs
  • SemRush
  • Majestic
  • Link Research Tools
  • Sistrix
  • DeepCrawl
  • SiteBulb
  • Screaming Frog
  • Google Search Console