Blogger Outreach Services

Blogger outreach is a real science itself. There are many different ways to get in touch with internet bloggers. Use our blogger outreach services, we will be making personal contact via conferences, blogger meetups, networking events on your behalf.

What is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach actually refers to the idea of leveraging the reach that bloggers have within a specific audience or target group. Blogger outreach is primarily a marketing technique. Not only is the sometimes enormous reach of some bloggers exploited, but also their great influence on their target group. Bloggers are often opinion leaders and their influence on their “followers” is often higher than that of traditional media, as they enjoy greater credibility.

For these reasons, more and more companies are trying to use bloggers and blogs for their own purposes. They either try to get the blogger to report about the product/brand (preferably in a positive way) or to place their own content in the popular blog.

The methods used are numerous. They range from simple letters via email according to the motto: “Hey, look here, I have a great product, write something about it.” To the payment of contributions to extensive support measures with invitations to trade fairs and events or trips. Other possibilities, however, are to become active oneself and offer the bloggers one’s own content, which one can write there as a guest author.

The ways to use the reach of bloggers are manifold. And I think there will be a separate article on this here. Overall, it can be said that bloggers can be very influential, depending on the area and target group, plus they are not per se obligated to neutrality like journalists. And bloggers have the problem that they are constantly on the lookout for topics and content. If you do it well, you can pull the content search in your direction a bit.

This all sounds great, but it is anything but easy. First, of course, you have to find the blogs and bloggers that are important for the topic. But then the work only begins. Only it should not necessarily be understood as work. Bloggers, especially the influential among them, are in demand. That means they won’t respond to just any request.

Moreover, they too have the credibility to lose, of course, and obvious venality is clearly a credibility problem. Therefore, it makes sense to come up with concepts to appeal to bloggers. You have to offer them something. I have already mentioned invitations to lectures and trade fairs. You should enter into partnerships, provide meaningful content yourself, of course, have a good product, and address the bloggers individually. And what you should also avoid is inviting bloggers to a talk and then telling them to write about your product. That doesn’t work, voluntariness should be capitalized.

In my opinion, the best examples of blogger outreach can be found in the area of fashion or fashion blogs. Here, there have been numerous fashion bloggers in the past who were courted by the industry. In the meantime, you can find them in the front rows of many fashion shows.

What does blogger outreach have to do with SEO?

Blogger outreach is first and foremost a marketing measure or strategy. In this respect, it could be placed in the field of social media marketing (SMM), because blogs are part of Web 2.0, as we all know. The same methods can also be used for search engine optimization. Blogger outreach actually aims at is to get recommendations from opinion leaders. Transferred to search engine optimization, this means nothing more than getting links. It can be assumed that the pages of influential bloggers are also seen as influential by Google.

Links from these pages therefore presumably have a high trust and offer a high link power and incidentally a lot of traffic. In this respect, it is very tempting to also include blogger outreach in link building. Because with bloggers, links cannot simply be bought. Rather, the methods of blogger outreach are also necessary for a simple link. So it’s called networking: address bloggers individually and creatively and offer them added value in the form of content, for example, or simply show good reasons why you should be linked.

Blogger outreach in SEO, as I understand it, means something similar to link exchange or link buying with and from bloggers who are approached especially. An equation with link buying is nevertheless prohibited in the end. Because as I said, the approach is completely different and it also comes to a partnership rather than a business. And relevant, especially from an SEO point of view, is of course the selection of the blog/blogger so that it really has the hoped-for effect on the ranking.

How to attract bloggers?

How to contact bloggers without completely stepping over their toes? For most bloggers, nothing is worse than receiving an impersonal mass email. 99% of the time, these are simply deleted. The blogger is annoyed and the sender wonders why they don’t get a response to this great mass email.

In technical jargon, this type of acquisition is also called blogger outreach.

To achieve really great rankings on Google, you need simply put good content. If you convince your target group with great content, this will sooner or later have a positive effect on the ranking of your page.

If you manage to attract a lot of attention from your target group and at the same time you have good and above all a lot of content to offer, your readers and Google will love you for it!

Good content in the form of interviews, infographics, podcasts, etc. is often created faster than you think. But you should also make this content known because no one will find your site on their own. And that would be a shame

Many therefore rely on collaborations with other bloggers from the same or a similar niche. Such bloggers can – assuming a certain number of visitors – ensure that their own content becomes known extremely rapidly and improves their own page through a backlink in the rankings on Google. Therefore, such cooperations are very popular!