Buy PBN Links

PBN links are currently probably the easiest way to rank a project quickly and without much effort. Even if Google has recently taken action against badly made PBNs, there is hardly anything better at the moment. Of course, this only applies if the PBN (Private Blog Network) is set up accordingly and there are no footprints.

PBN is a network of sites made up of domains abandoned by previous owners. Since we already set up a PBN building service we offer PBN backlink assistance. From now on you can buy PBN backlinks from us.

PBN links for sale

All PBNs have the following features:

  • Unique Whois data
  • Unique nameservers
  • Own hosting account (IP address)
  • Unique Template
  • Different plugins installed
  • All known backlink crawlers are blocked per .htaccess
  • Unique content and articles without links
  • Trust links to minimize footprints
  • Only a small number of customers per domain
  • Clean link profile
  • Clean history
  • New websites are added regularly

From time to time a separate new network is created. We do this to keep the size manageable and to protect all customers. To avoid footprints, the current maximum number of bookable links is 20.

What are PBN backlinks?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network. A PBN consists of several independent websites that were created for the sole purpose of ranking higher in the search results for one or more keywords through outbound links. The individual web pages in a PBN are websites, or blogs, that are filled with content relevant to your niche and link out to your website from it.

Simply put, they simulate the best possible link scenario: a topic-relevant website with high authority, in your niche, linking directly to your website.

What do I need PBN backlinks for?

To rank higher in search results for your website as efficiently and quickly as possible. A PBN is short for months of link acquisition, or months of hoping that by having outstanding content on your website, you might someday get a backlink to your site from a topic-relevant website.