Content Strategy Services

Lay the foundation for long-term content marketing success with professional content strategy services to support your business with modern content marketing for every industry.

Convince potential visitors with high-quality content! Who are you, What do you offer? Why customers should choose your product Answer these questions effectively with top-notch content. By using texts, videos, graphics, and many other types of content to target customers and position your brand, increase your visibility, traffic, and thus your sales.

Content strategy consulting

Content marketing can generate leads, create awareness, strengthen your brand, bring you into contact with users, boost sales, and much more – if there is a firm, targeted strategy behind all measures. With a well-thought-out content strategy, you give direction to all content and increase its impact.

Rely on us for a content marketing strategy that is tailored to you and your needs.

From consulting to creation and seeding: As online marketing, content marketing & SEO agency, we combine all measures into an individual package for our customers.

What do we do in the area of content marketing?

Analysis & consulting

How is your content doing? By analyzing the current situation in detail, we uncover not only problems but also new potentials. We review your current strategy and find out how and where you can profitably use content marketing.

Strategy & implementation

Together with you, we develop a clear content marketing strategy that is aligned with your individual goals. If you wish, we can also take over the implementation of all necessary measures, be it on-page or off-page.

Content creation & editing

Do you need high-quality texts or would you like to optimize your own content? Then rely on our in-house editorial team. We proofread and create SEO-relevant content of all kinds for clients from many different industries with a focus on user experience.

Content Management & support

We are there for you in the long term and take care of targeted content management within the framework of your strategy. Re-optimizations are always possible and we remain able to react directly to changes in the market.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an online marketing strategy in which content such as texts, videos, and images are used to address and convince customers.

Particularly important when it comes to web content: content should of course be SEO-optimized, but users must not be left out of the equation. Good content marketing is not made for search engines alone but must meet the highest requirements for user experience and added value.

Everything you need to know about content marketing – Our guide to the topic

Content marketing helps you strengthen your brand and reach customers in a, particularly effective way. But how exactly does it work? In our guide, we answer the most important questions about content marketing.

What types of content are there?

Content means content, and in fact, it refers to all types of content that you can produce and place on the web.

Typical types of content:

  • Texts (website texts, product texts, blog posts, magazine articles, articles, press releases, ebooks…).
  • Images & infographics
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Apps & Games
  • Audio (podcast, music, etc.)

Which of these types of content is suitable for your individual content marketing strategy depends on the goal of your actions.

What is a content marketing strategy? Get content right from the start

When you advertise with content, you are usually pursuing the goal of attracting customers, strengthening your brand’s image in the long term, and retaining existing customers. You can’t completely separate these goals, but you can definitely set a focus that has a strong influence on the structure of your content marketing strategy.

  • To attract customers, it is important to attract attention, to be visible, and to convince. This works by, for example, advertising on social media channels in a targeted manner, showing presence with guest posts in topic-related blogs, or making your website visible to your customers with informative and high-quality content as part of search engine optimization. In terms of content, winning customers is primarily about communicating the strengths of products/services and encouraging conversion.
  • Basically, any type of content can be used to strengthen your brand. Content on your website conveys expertise and informs, social media campaigns create an up-to-date image and invite interaction, guest posts, articles, videos, and more – all these content variants build on the image of your brand. In terms of content, a content marketing strategy of this kind is primarily concerned with presenting your company and your strengths.
  • Content variants that are constantly updated and enable a direct exchange with users are particularly suitable for retaining customers. Social media posts and blogs, in particular, can be used here. In terms of content, customer retention is about actively engaging with your target audience, receiving feedback, and responding accordingly.

If you are clear about what goal you are pursuing with your content marketing strategy, you can more easily select and design the appropriate types of content. In doing so, always also consider whether you want to rather inform customers, appeal to them emotionally, or entertain them. You can’t really separate these three goals either, but you should always set a clear focus for the respective content that makes sense in the context of your strategy.

How does content marketing work?

Which content marketing measures are used and how they proceed varies from company to company. However, it is still possible to outline a rough process that is adapted to the respective needs.

Step 1: Analysis:

An in-depth as-is analysis is used to work out what the current content situation is and the basis on which all further measures are thus carried out. It is particularly important in this phase to define a clear content marketing goal. What do you want to achieve, who is your target group and which topics are central to you? As soon as these questions have been answered, you can move on.

Step 2: Develop a strategy

Based on the established objective and with a view to the collected data on topics (keywords and co.) as well as target group, a content marketing strategy is developed. This clearly defines which types of content are to be used for which purpose and how all efforts are to be interlinked. This requires a lot of creativity as well as precise knowledge of the current possibilities.

3. Content creation and implementation

Based on the defined content marketing strategy, all necessary content is now created. Here it is important to always keep in mind not only every detail but also the big picture. Websites, social media accounts, texts, images, videos: All of this and more is now taken care of.
Then, the content created is delivered or implemented wherever it needs to have an impact. In the context of a good content strategy, all types of content have an impact in their respective fields and are connected at the same time.

4. Control and optimization

Content marketing never really ends and so, with the completion of the implementation, and analysis phase first sets in again. Where are there problems that need to be solved through post-optimization? Where is there potential for further development of your ideas?

Through regular controlling and further monitoring, you ensure that your content marketing strategy forms a firm basis for future success and remains future-proof. Content marketing with a strong partner – Studio Stripe is there for you

Studio Stripe is not only your expert for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), but also competently supports you in the area of content marketing. We support you with customized strategies and content that not only convinces search engines but above all your customers.

How much does a content marketing agency charge?

The costs for a content marketing agency can vary greatly and depend crucially on the type and scope of the assignment. If it is pure content creation based on specific specifications, the costs are significantly lower than if a content strategy has to be developed in advance or keyword research carried out.

Besides, the costs differ depending on the text type and length and the total volume of texts to be created. If, for example, a large number of similar texts have to be written, then the text creation will be much cheaper than for specialized texts that require extensive research. The costs also increase significantly if specially created videos or graphics are to supplement the text.

Also, pay attention to how the texts are billed. While some agencies charge based on the words written, hourly rate billing is also often the norm. This usually depends on how much work is involved in addition to just writing the text (research, creating and incorporating graphics, etc.).

What is important in content marketing?

The most important goal in content marketing is to create content that adds value to customers, provides benefits, or solves a problem. After all, you can only benefit from your content marketing strategy in the long term if their search query can be fully answered by your content. That is why the customer and not the search engine should be in the foreground when creating texts. Texts that serve purely promotional purposes are generally not suitable for content marketing.

Factors such as text length, text structuring, the use of synonyms, and keyword density come into play only in second place, but no less important for that reason. Content agencies often also use professional SEO tools here, which have special modules for content and text optimization.

How can you recognize a good content marketing agency?

A good content marketing agency should be able to support you as early as the creation of the content strategy and should therefore be proficient in all the important tools of content marketing. Also, your service provider should understand content marketing as a component of your company’s overall marketing strategy and content as a means to fulfill the customer journey. Content marketing as an important strategy in search engine optimization is therefore also frequently offered as part of the range of services provided by an SEO agency.

Whether this understanding and the corresponding know-how is available, you can sometimes already recognize when visiting the website of potential candidates. Look there at existing references and already successfully implemented projects. In the area of content, you can quickly determine from the reference pages provided whether the quality meets your requirements.

Also, ask for further references and arrange a personal consultation. This can take place by telephone, Skype, or directly on site. In addition to the concrete scope of the task and contract modalities, the possibility of sample texts should also be addressed in the conversation. This is the most effective way to determine whether the texts meet your quality requirements and whether the agency really suits you.