Google Penalty Recovery Services

Did your website suddenly lose rankings in SERPs and you do not know why? You may have been penalized by Google! In such cases, we are happy to help and show you the way back to the top. Discover our Google penalty recovery services and regain organic traffic!

Google Penalty: What to do? Studio Stripe will help you!

If your website has lost a massive amount of visibility and traffic, you have most likely received a manual penalty from Google. Confirm that by looking into the Google Webmaster Tools. If you find a message there, it is about time to act.

In SEO, a basic distinction is made between an algorithmic Google Penalty and a manual review. An algorithmic Google Penalty is carried out by filters of the Google algorithm (e.g. the Panda filter or Penguin filter) without human influence. A manual penalty, on the other hand, is imposed by a Google employee from the Search Quality or Webspam team due to violations of Google’s quality guidelines. This “punishment” can only be averted by cleaning up the causes and submitting a Reconsideration Request.

In the case of a Google Penalty, all causes of the abrupt drop in traffic or visibility must first be determined. In the case of a manual measure, the information from Google must be precisely evaluated. Once these are known, analyses take place to establish acceptable solutions to quickly fix these problems.

Depending on the situation, these solutions must be technical and/or content-related. In the case of a manual measure, a reconsideration request must finally be made, in which a Google employee is transparently shown which optimizations have been made to eliminate all causes of the sanction.

What is a Google manual penalty?

In the case of a manual penalty, your page has previously attracted negative attention from Google, so that a Google employee (e.g. specialist from the Search Quality or Webspam team) has subjected your website to a manual check. This employee then noticed links or other violations of Google guidelines.

These cases can trigger a Google Penalty:

  • User-generated spam
  • Hidden texts and/or keyword spamming
  • Pure spam
  • Thin/superficial content of little or no value
  • Unnatural backlinks
  • Unnatural outbound links
  • Unnatural backlinks – cross-site impact
  • Problems with structured data
  • Cloaking or misleading redirects
  • Image cloaking
  • Non-matching AMP content
  • Misleading mobile redirects

What to do in case of a manual Google action?

No matter what you have done to your website in the past or what your previous SEO agency has done to it, Studio Stripe will help you to get your site back into the green side.

To get the manual Google Penalty removed, the following 5 points have to be worked off:

  • Backlink screening & link removal – we look at links that link to your site, which potentially have a bad influence. Webmasters are contacted by us so that the link is taken down.
  • Website revises – we screen your site and identify potential sources of error. These are then corrected and your page is aligned to the important “keywords”.
  • Add Google Disavow file – if after about 10 days there are still some bad links left that have not been taken down by the site owners, we create a disavow file. This file tells Google which links should not affect (negative or positive) on your site.
  • Speed up Google crawling – unfortunately, it is not enough to take down the bad links. Google wants the pages on which the bad links were located to be crawled by the Google Bot first. Only then the Google employee allows a takedown of the penalty. Since this may take forever, we accelerate this “exploration” of a Google Bot.
  • Reconsideration request – once all links are down and crawled, we submit a request for reinstatement to Google. If the page no longer violates the guidelines, this request goes through without any problems.

Benefit from the Google penalty removal of Studio Stripe!

On all pages where we have removed a manual penalty so far, it has been shown that the positioning of the individual keywords comes back almost completely. Even if the links that were mainly responsible for this are no longer there due to their quality.

Do you need a professional Google Penalty consulting partner to get your online business back on track for success? Studio Stripe has several years of experience and is very familiar with search engine quality guidelines.

Contact us right now! We will help you. Together we will be successful on the web even in the long term.