PBN Hosting

Private blog network or PBN hosting is considered a very broad and heavy subject among SEOs today and is very popular in affiliate marketing. Using PBN hosting you can create a network of websites to link to your money sites. Affiliate marketing works in all product categories, providing customers with their expert opinions and endorsements, categories ranging from books to electronics, from food to hosting.

There are many types of private blog network hosting options available and the point of the question is that you should choose the right one for you. Any of the SEOs who maintain a PBN will likely judge a web hosting service more on average than a webmaster. The only criteria for judging a web hosting service is its ability to minimize the risk of deindexing.

Top 10 list of the best private blog network (PBN) hosting providers


SeekaHost is one of the best PBN hosting services that is outperforming all other hosting competitors in the market, Fernando Raymond is the founder of SeekaHost and he knows how to run a hosting business. I personally have hosted some of the PBN sites with SeekaHost and never had any problem with downtime. Because most PBN hosting does not offer great support, but SeekaHost offers great support and their team is available on call to handle any technical issues.

Their PBN hosting plans allow you to host websites all around the world.


  • Up to 2000 unique IPs
  • One-click installer
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • 24×7 live support
  • Individual cPanel accounts
  • Configuration support
  • Highly secured
  • Starting at $0.75
  • Private name servers
  • An all-natural hosting profile with different IPs A, B, and C


  • Speed could be better


LaunchCDN is one of the best PBN hosting options and allows you to quickly scale your PBN seamlessly. In addition to the easy-to-use platform, LaunchCDN focuses on eliminating any potential footprint so you can securely host a large number of websites with them. Their support team is available 24/7 and is quick to resolve any issues you have.

They have a variety of plans to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Their platform is excellent and has great built-in features, you can easily request to create a PBN website from their dashboard, content for your PBNs, and many other useful things. You can take a look at our more detailed review here.

WPX Hosting

It is one of the best hosting providers to create your own private blog network and host it in 3 easy steps: deploy, manage and grow your network with easy access. WPX Hosting provides a fast customer service element of power hosting and the technical kit solves all problems quickly. WPX Hosting was created by a group of hosting experts who have extensive knowledge in the fields of hardware, software, and virtualization.

The intuitive control panel consists of easy navigation but has very powerful systems to manage DNS, Hosting, Registrars. They provide optimal security and focus primarily on growing the business.

With WPX Hosting you can grow your PBN from 10 to 1000 blogs at the click of a button and you can also deploy them in different locations with different IP addresses. They also provide a very beautiful and easy to use user interface, which saves you hours in managing time and money.

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks is the best PBN solution when we talk about PBN. It is a platform that implements other different types of blogs for different types of hosting providers and also does the amazing job of automating maintenance.

These include some of the most popular hosting providers such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, SoftLayer (an IBM company), and many more, with a cost price of $35 per month for 10 different blogs, which is quite friendly for everyone.

EBN describes the advantages such as fast and easy WordPress installation; automatic theme, plugin, and WordPress updates; periodic indexing checks; easy and fast HTTPS support and the biggest advantage of transparency, i.e. everything is visible to you, such as IP addresses, hosting provider details, etc.

You can build a blog network using Easy Blog Network in less than 30 minutes and manage everything in full autopilot mode.


The BulkBuyHosting is one of the best PBN hosting solutions and uses CDN to host your websites. With the help of CDN, your websites can run faster than usual and you are using static HTML pages instead of WordPress, which are fast. One of the key features of using PBN Hosting is the unlimited IP address feature they provide. Their smallest plan costs around only $26 per month for 10 different domains.

The advantages of using a BulkBuyHosting is that it imports easily and quickly; we can launch blogs instantly; uses CDN to increase site speed; easy monitoring of sites from a single dashboard and calculating uptime and Google index counts time to time to avoid site deindexing.

BulkBuyHosting helps you save time and money on growing and maintaining your link networks and provides you with unlimited diversity of over 350,000 IP addresses and growing. You don’t need any MySQL or any hacked sites or faulty hosts and they host your sites on some of the best infrastructures on the Internet.

The tools they provide save you hours of tweaking your blogs. Everything from authors to themes, permalink structures, everything is randomly generated for their service.

They also provide additional features like free imports, instant blog launch, pure hack-proof HTML, simple content management, network status monitoring, and many more.



  • Good value for money
  • Stay protected from hackers
  • Great support
  • Visitor friendly performance
  • Excellent uptime
  • Easy verification
  • Enjoy rocket-fast servers
  • Avoid potential disaster


  • Speed could be better



  • Very simple interface
  • Many IPs
  • Complete management tools
  • Free migrations
  • Full root access
  • Free configuration and domain name
  • Good reseller options (easy to get new IP addresses)
  • Good live chat support
  • Easy verification


  • Security is not the best in the market



  • Easy interface
  • Very reliable
  • Good live chat support
  • Rarely asks for verification
  • Manage multiple low traffic WordPress websites
  • Track WordPress website performance
  • Good security. Tricks are rare.


  • The reseller program does not offer different IPs (so do not choose the reseller option).



  • Easy interface
  • Very fast
  • Verification is quick and easy
  • 24/7 support by phone and email
  • 90 % money-back guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 24/7 monitoring and ticketing
  • Support always happy to help and even put you on a different IP if requested
  • Very good security hacks rarely happen


  • WordPress backup plugins don’t always work with this host



  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Trusted by owners of 2,000,000 domains
  • Easy site management
  • Domain management
  • Good security


  • The verification process not easy
  • Support is not so fast
  • The reseller program is not good

Private Blog Network Hosting Course

PBN refers to a private blog network and is the latest phenomenon in the online market. To be precise, PBN is a flexible hosting platform for your CMS that is provided to you through several excellent and experienced web servers. It controls all tasks from a single panel without any server-side footprint.

A PBN is also called a link farm. It is a network of blog posts owned by the same person or organization. They can also be loosely linked blog posts. The goal of these types of PBNs is to promote the other blog posts in a particular network. This helps in improving the ranking in search engine results. Therefore, it helps in generating revenue through online advertisements displayed on these blogs.

PBN is becoming popular as next-generation hosting because it provides numerous opportunities for users to rethink the way PBN hosting works. PBN hosting is designed to offer you the advanced form of SEO. PBN hosting provides a successful PBN network through the following components.

  • Multiple locations
  • Diversification
  • Realistic websites with appropriate content
  • Multiple CMS
  • Multiple IP addresses
  • Leading public and private DNS merged with ordinary ones.
  • Persistent in updating your private blog networks with the latest and premium content.

Below are several advantages and disadvantages of PBN hosting.

Benefits of PBN hosting

  • Offers IP addresses from all major ISPs, including Amazon, Azure, Vultr and DigitalOcean, etc.
  • It is not possible to distinguish the specific provider of PBN hosting.
  • Provides name servers of major companies hosting millions of legitimate websites.
  • Has the ability to provide custom DNS.
  • No footprints at the server level

Disadvantages of PBN hosting

  • Expensive service
  • Multiple hosts limit you to a single CMS.

Why choose PBN hosting?

Every webmaster wants to increase the rank of their websites in SERP fast and quick. There are several ways to rank a site in SERP including link building, keyword research, competitor analysis. One of the ways to rank a website in SERP or SEO is by using PBN.

PBNs are not as simple as hosting a simple website, it is more than that and creating and maintaining a PBN is a difficult task. A person should think of putting a good amount of money into the web hosting provider in the initial phase. It is very important to check and see whether the PBN service provider is authentic and genuine or not.

To do this, you should first go through all the PBN service providers and then decide which one to choose, which will be good enough for you and your money site.

So, it is very necessary to do well-detailed research on all the PBN service providers and then go ahead with the best one according to your requirements.

What is the best PBN hosting solution?

In years, Google has gotten smarter in its algorithms and therefore has been able to destroy SEOs that haven’t experienced much progress. It still relies on PBN link building and relationship building.

While links are still the most crucial factor in ranking, backlinks are equally important and contribute to quality search results. Therefore, you can do two things to improve your rankings through links:

  • Rent these links from other PBNs
  • Hire an outsourcing service to create private network blogs for you.

So, here is a detailed study of PBN hosting. To know more about PBNs, contact us or leave a comment or write a query.

I hope you like the best PBN hosting reviews and I am very happy to have listed the PBN hosting solutions that I have personally used and recommended to you. SeekaHost & EasyBlogNetworks are my N1 recommendations for PBN hosting. What is your favorite PBN hosting provider? Share in the comments!