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I provide organic SEO consulting – customer-oriented & efficient. Work with a technical SEO consultant and get individual, sustainable, and goal-oriented consulting for any type of online business.

Hire a technical SEO consultant

Project-specific SEO consulting for SMEs, self-employed, and startups.
Get SEO site analysis directly from the specialist for search engine optimization and web design. Each consultation is individually tailored to the current state, the specifics, and the goals of your project.

Before a planned relaunch of a website, optimization of your online store, optimization of the current situation, and generally on the topic of search engine optimization or Google, an external opinion by a search engine optimization consultant is recommended.

My trained eye brings you the advantage of an external opinion and the appropriate advice!

As an experienced SEO freelancer, I am available for companies as well as for agencies for long-term projects.

Use my competencies in web design and professional search engine optimization for top rankings in search engines like Google, Bing.

How much does the SEO consulting cost?

All services are individually tailored to your project.

For general information on the costs of individual services, please see the SEO Costs page.

In-house Search Engine Optimization Consultant

You need customer-oriented and efficient SEO consulting at your site? I am also available to you as an in-house consultant. Please use the contact form for an individual request.

Short inquiry – project details

For an individual solution, I am at your disposal.

Leave me your details in the short inquiry and describe here current difficulties, wishes, and goals. Together we will find a suitable solution for your project.

Preparation for your project

To be able to offer you an optimal solution, the preparation for your project is mandatory. After an inquiry, I will contact you to get more information about your project and to get an overview.

The more information available, the better the preparation.

Technical optimization consultant services

Page speed optimization

Loading time needs to be fast especially on the go, whenever high-speed internet is not available. Poor PageSpeed causes negative user signals that can affect visibility in mobile search results. Google recommends that an HTML page should load completely in five seconds (source) or less.

Studio Stripe identifies your website’s slowdowns through technical SEO analysis so you can cost-effectively establish targeted optimizations to improve traffic and visibility.

Crawler control

An effective technical optimization measure is crawler control, where you granularly define which resources (such as HTML pages and images) may be processed by search engines and which resources should be ignored.

For example, search engines do not need to process sorting and filtering results for which there are no search queries. Search engine bots also do not need to process the shopping cart and the ordering process of an online store.

If you exclude these addresses by instructions in the robots.txt file, this is helpful. Especially for large projects, crawler control is essential.

Index control

Once it has been determined which resources may be processed by search engines, the question of indexability arises: Which resources that may be processed by search engine bots are released for the search engine index? Because only these addresses can be found as hits in the Google search.

In online stores, index control quickly becomes complex when Get parameters are used: Often simple filter results are indexable (like: “Adidas training shoes”), but nested filter results are not (like: “red Adidas training shoes for men”).

Index control is used to avoid internal duplicate content, the correct handling of session IDs, protocol variants, trailing slashes, uppercase URLs, etc. But crawlability and indexability are two different topics and both have to be adjusted individually. Almost no content management and store system masters these functionalities out of the box. Individual solutions are always required for this.

Multilingual content

If identical content is translated exactly or provided in the same language for additional countries, special SEO requirements must be met. It doesn’t matter if the content is published in a language directory, on a subdomain, or an external domain. Search engines must be told which content should be provided for which search engine index (language).

This is achieved by hreflang tags. They tell search engine bots that a page is also available in other languages or for other geographical regions (countries). This ensures that the page content is offered in the correct language – for example, a Spanish page for Google users in the Spain region and the page translated into English for Google users in the UK and the USA, etc. International SEO is one of the core competencies of the Studio Stripe SEO agency, along with Technical SEO.

Relaunch and redesign

Particularly in the case of a relaunch and redesign, technical SEO is elementarily important to automatically redirect visitors and search engine bots from the known addresses to the new addresses, whereby redirect loops and redirect chains should be avoided.

But a relaunch requires much more technical analysis and fine-tuning to ensure an optimal user experience. A relaunch is a complex measure from the SEO point of view and should always be accompanied by experienced search engine optimizers.

Organic SEO consultant services in detail

Professional SEO consulting supports companies with their individual projects and with their corresponding questions concerning search engine optimization – both from a strategic and a technical point of view.

Communication at eye level. Whether layman or online marketing specialist. As your SEO consultant or expert, let me know your level of knowledge as early as the planning stage. Accordingly, I use simple terminology or technical terms.

Possible questions:

  • Which keyword/search term should we focus on? And which keyword is searched for more often?
  • Our online store is not found for product XYZ? What can we optimize?
  • Is Yoast sufficient as an SEO plugin for our WordPress company website?
  • What is the benefit of SEO for our customers?
  • Do you also take over the technical implementation? And the subsequent support?
  • What SEO measures bring and on page 1 in Google?
  • We are planning a relaunch and to publish our website in several languages. What do we have to consider?
  • Do we read a lot about TF/IDF? What does it mean?
  • What does the SEO consultation cost?
  • Isn’t an SEO agency more effective?
  • Since the last update of the Google algorithm, our company is not found well. What can we optimize?
  • As a consultant, can you directly implement the recommendations from the SEO consulting?
  • We use Ahrefs / SEMRush / SurferSEO, but the metrics do not help us.
  • Our online marketing is not getting anywhere in search engine optimization.
  • What do we have to consider in SEO for our online store?
  • The online marketing does not find the appropriate keywords?
  • How do we determine suitable keywords and keyword phrases?

As an SEO specialist, I am personally at your disposal.

Strategic SEO consulting includes concrete recommendations for action which are determined and elaborated with technical know-how.

An optional takeover of the optimizations. I will gladly offer you to take over the individual optimizations completely or partially. For this purpose, I will make you an individual offer.

As your consultant, I naturally also offer my consulting services in-house. After initial preparation and arrangements, we make an appointment at your site and consult you, your employees, or a team of online marketing. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Successful SEO thanks to our SEO consultants

Are you looking for an SEO agency? As an experienced partner, we at Studio Stripe help our clients to be found better on Google and increase sales. Contact us for a personal initial consultation.

Our primary goal is always the satisfaction of our customers – for this, we work with result-oriented and sustainable SEO strategies and SEO measures. In addition to detailed SEO analyses and intensive (by phone or in-person) as well as always individual SEO consulting, we as a professional SEO provider are also happy to take over the implementations for your website at any time.

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