SEO Expert

Professional SEO specialist working directly for your company.

As an experienced SEO expert I am available for businesses like SMEs, startups, or also agencies for long-term projects.

Take advantage of my extensive experience in web design and professional SEO to improve your ranking and visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Co.

What does an SEO expert do?

Why SEO expert should be important for your company? In simple terms, an SEO specialist takes care of the positioning of your webpage on the top positions of a search engine. When a customer makes a query to a certain search engine, his homepage will be found on the first positions, this is called rankings. You can determine under which search terms (keywords) you want to be found, besides, experts with many years of professional experience analyze which keywords are relevant for your market.

The SEO specialist or SEO expert then makes sure that the texts on your webpage are designed in such a way that you and your company are found as well as possible when you make a query. A distinction is made between OnPage optimization, i.e. optimizations to the website, and OffPage optimization, the creation of links on external websites, social media, or video portals.

Work with SEO specialist

A selection of completed projects in the field of search engine optimization that I was allowed to supervise as an expert in the overview. In the presented references you will surely find a project that comes close to your requirements and ideas for search engine optimization. You can find more projects in the references and on request. Why should you work with me?

Practical approach

A lot of experience with different systems, hostings, setups, and more allows me a practical approach!

For me, a pragmatic approach to the optimization of your project is therefore paramount.

Use my knowledge to achieve your goals effectively.

Economical analysis

Search engine optimization is an extremely economical method to generate more visitors for websites and pays off in the long run!

The one-time investment in a basic optimization of your website followed by regular maintenance will bring you better positioning and competitive advantages.

Sustainable solutions

As an advocate of the so-called holistic SEO, I offer you long-term and sustainable improvements to your positioning.

My optimizations comply with the guidelines of search engines like Google and refrain from using spam methods.

My special fields as SEO expert

Optimizations for start-ups in the founding phase are always an exciting matter. So, with selected optimizations, success can be achieved quickly over a short period of time. Every start-up has a different business goal and for me, it is an additional motivation to accompany companies in the early phase of optimization so that they get the best possible out of it.

As a traffic expert, it has never been a big problem for me to increase visitor numbers with appropriate measures. After all, I am not only an SEO expert but also fit in the paid channels and love to play around with numbers to get your business on the right track. But the big focus is on search engine optimization.

  • WordPress SEO: this includes mainly technical optimizations in the dashboard, the optimization for a holistic structure concerning the SEO factors, content optimization & web design. Due to my experience with my own WordPress sites of different thematic orientations, I know exactly where the set screws lie in the optimization and can without problems your pages technically & content further optimize.
  • SEO Offpage or link building: External links from other sites are still among the most important ranking factors. And this is confirmed by many pages that are adorned by a high number of high-quality links. Who renounces high-quality links, renounces a lot of traffic potential.
  • SERP Domination: With appropriate measures, the SERPs can be dominated with other pages in addition to their own. Snippet optimizations, appropriate content strategies, YouTube optimizations, markups according to as well as high-quality backlinks are just a selection of options.

Search engine optimization from the specialist

Your online marketing department is looking for support in the area of search engine optimization by an SEO expert? I would be happy to assist you as an experienced specialist.

A combination of many years of experience in web design and search engine optimization brings the advantage of direct implementation and analysis of feasibility for used plugins, extensions, themes, and custom developments.

Highly competitive keyword phrases and keywords

To achieve a top ranking in search engines like Google for highly contested or difficult keywords requires professional preparation, optimal optimization, professional control, and a pinch of dedication.

I will gladly support you in all points or take over the entire optimizations professionally and pragmatically. Secure measurably better rankings now!

SEO optimization for long-term success

As a professional service provider in the field of search engine optimization, I adhere to the guidelines and rules of Google. To optimize your project in the long term, I do not use undesirable or harmful tricks and methods to temporarily improve your positioning.

Through the methods of holistic SEO, your ranking on Google and Co. will improve in the long term and sustainably! Secure better rankings and visibility now!

Long-term support for more visibility

In addition to one-time services, I also offer long-term or monthly support.

For this purpose, the scope of the monthly work is determined at the beginning of the project and the long-term goals are discussed. This is followed by a professional SEO analysis, competitor analysis and individual keyword research specifically adapted to your specifications, website, and industry.

The implementation of the optimizations will be done directly by me as your SEO expert, by your responsible persons, or your online marketing team, depending on the agreement.

Also, if desired, you will be given access to a ranking tracker on which you can track visibility and positioning.

The alternative to in-house SEO Expert

If you are looking for an in-house solution, I also offer my expertise as a freelancer directly at your site. As an alternative to mostly cumbersome agencies, I am available in an advisory capacity as an SEO expert or actively directly at the open wounds of your website.

Also, project-related collaboration for young online marketing departments or individual SEO coaching is possible. If you are interested in one of the mentioned in-house services, please send me an inquiry.

The SEO expert services in detail

What do I optimize? To make sure that your website or blog is found better, I do not work according to a “pattern” but with heart and passion, special tools, and a specially developed and always up-to-date SEO checklist. Depending on the specific requirements and knowledge, the optimizations can also be done directly by you or by a specialist.

Individual services at a glance:

1. Analysis

  • Analysis of positioning by region, nationwide or internationally
  • Technical analysis and documentation of the current status
  • Analysis for use or possibility of metadata
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis
  • OnPage analysis
  • Landing page test
  • Link building
  • and much more.

2. Optimization

  • OnPage / OffPage optimization
  • Optimization for appropriate keywords and keyword phrases
  • Optimization of the positions that stood out negatively in the analysis

3. Control

  • Control of the changes in positioning
  • If necessary further with 2. optimization

The service catalog includes many more points that – depending on the condition of your website or blog and your requirements – can be worked on and optimized.

Why search engine optimization from an expert?

Search engine optimization has rightly been the talk of the town for many years. How important the optimizations are shows the fact that over 75% of all users click on a website on the first page of the search results – in the so-called SERPs.

While I would call myself an SEO specialist, I have also been called an SEO expert, guru, SEO professional, or search engine optimizer. Here I am relatively flexible. Important for companies is still the designation SEO consultant, because for companies I am, both remotely and in-house, also consulting.