SEO Packages

One-time SEO packages, discover our sustainable search engine optimization at a package price.

What are the SEO packages?

Ongoing SEO support is a fine thing and more than profitable in the long run – but all beginnings are sometimes difficult and good search engine optimization is not cheap. Because we don’t want you to miss out on excellent search engine optimization for budget reasons, we also offer one-time packages in addition to ongoing SEO.

If you are in a niche with little competition, such an SEO package can be exactly the boost you need for top rankings. And since honesty is a matter of honor for us, you can be sure: We only sell you measures that actually bring you something. So, what unique SEO packages are available from us and what can you expect from them?

Keyword analysis + page structure

Which terms are often searched for? Where do you have a chance to exist? Which keywords promise many conversions?

  • Analysis of all relevant keywords in your niche
  • Keyword clusters according to search intentions
  • Complete page structure based on the keyword research (mapping). Here, a keyword cluster is assigned to each existing URL.

By intelligently assigning keywords to pages with the same search intent, ranking conflicts between similar pages are eliminated and link juice is used optimally.

Content planning & creation

You have your keyword list but don’t know how to build content on it? Your existing content does not rank? You don’t have time to write texts yourself?

  • Completely SEO-optimized texts based on your keyword mapping.
  • Coverage of the search intent through holistic content
  • Import of the texts into your CMS (if requested)

Onpage optimization

Do you receive traffic but have a high bounce rate? Do you use SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or XOVI, however, you can’t derive clear conclusions from the values? You do not have time to carry out the onpage measures on your own?

  • Correction of internal linking
  • Keywords rank on the proper URLs
  • Clean HTML structure
  • Further measures

The Onpage package gives you a structured site that doesn’t give away unnecessary link juice, whose pages rank for the right keywords and bring clicks in search results.

Offpage optimization

By maintaining and expanding your backlink profile with relevant links you improve the semantic trust of your page. Besides, you benefit from higher referral traffic through the set links.

  • Maintenance and expansion of your link profile
  • Covering the basic fundamental backlinks
  • Content outreach to relevant portals for publishing guest articles
  • Support in the creation of linkable assets

SERP snippet optimization

SERP snippet optimization (SERP=Google result page “Search Engine Result Page”) is necessary if your page is displayed, but only a few users click on your search result.

With an optimized SERP snippet, you meet the user’s expectations and intentions and encourage them to click. SERP snippet optimization is already included in the onpage package.

  • Higher CTR
  • More traffic
  • Better user signals

Conversion optimization

Already optimized your site and getting traffic but no conversions?

An optimized sales funnel and improved user experience will increase your business success. The user is guided through the various stages of the search and transaction.

A typical mistake, for example, is to pepper a page with informational search intent with promotional content or to offer the wrong continuative pages as links at the end of a page. The optimization of the sales funnel is based on user data and numbers, like any good SEO optimization.

Create own website

Do you want to build your own website and need competent support in doing so or someone to do the job completely for you?

  • Creation of a complete website according to your wishes (WordPress)
  • Basic SEO optimization

One-time SEO packages: FAQ

What SEO packages are available?

Studio Stripe offers the following packages: Keyword Analysis + Page Structure, Content Planning & Creation, Onpage Optimization, Offpage Measures, SERP Snippet Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Create Your Own Website.

What do the SEO packages cost?

  • Keyword analysis + page structure: 400 €
  • Content planning & creation: according to the effort
  • Onpage measures: 600 €
  • Conversion optimization: 400 €
  • Offpage measures: according to the effort
  • Website creation: according to the effort

Which package fits my goals?

Depending on the website and the initial situation, a clean keyword analysis, for example, makes more sense than writing more and more new texts. Which SEO package is the right one for you we discuss in advance free of charge and without obligation.