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Sit back (almost completely) and let me do your WordPress SEO!

As an experienced specialist for both search engine optimization and WordPress, I offer you my professional know-how for optimizations of your projects. All I need from you is your expert knowledge – I’ll take care of the rest!

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How much does WordPress SEO cost?

Apart from one-time services for the optimization of WordPress projects, I offer long-term SEO support. This has the advantage that after various detailed analyses the measures can be implemented directly – by your team, your web designer, or directly by me.

You can find a further overview of possible costs on the SEO costs overview page.

WordPress SEO: Tips & Tricks

The first SEO steps to do yourself.

If the keyword sets are already created, good texts are planned and an SEO strategy is created you can take the topic of search engine optimization for WordPress into your own hands.

But WordPress is relatively rudimentary by design.

Without an SEO plugin, SEO for WordPress is not possible, because in the basic installation WordPress offers no customization option for relevant areas such as title, meta description, canonical, etc. Therefore you should:

Install SEO plugin

For beginners, YOAST is recommended here, because, with a large community in the background, it offers a suitable answer to almost all questions and is relatively easy to use. But be careful: Just because the traffic light is green, the topic SEO is not done yet.

For advanced users, I recommend the plugin called RankMath.

Set proper permalink structure

Permalinks should be set correctly because these settings are set to the IDs in WP by default and thus do not provide talking URLs. Besides, an address should still be fixed, because www.studiostripe.com is not the same as studiostripe.com.

Find suitable WordPress

Important here are that the theme is SEO-friendly and also not overloaded with features and scripts. Also, make sure that the new theme is compatible with future plugins that you can potentially use (eg WPML and WooCommerce).

Always create a child theme

A child theme will allow adjustments to individual files. You can remove useless plugins like “Insert Headers and Footers” and do not make the page unnecessarily slow.

Plan perfect website structure

Plan structure with the appropriate navigation, sensible hub pages, and optimal landing pages.

Format new content

Fresh articles should be added in the appropriate areas, if possible with structured data/microdata and adapted to the user intentions.
Here, attention should also be paid to an optimal heading structure, that the images have an optimized alt attribute, no duplicate content is created, the title and meta description is optimized…

Install caching plugin

Caching should be taken care of which works relatively well with the help of the plugin “WP Fastest Cache”.

Adjust the internal linking to the SEO strategy

Set up a ranking tool to track the progress of your rankings

Last but not least is our number 10, because finally there are little things to consider within WordPress:

Yes according to WordPress theme should still be used as breadcrumb navigation. If possible with the structured data to “Breadcrumb List”.
Then the general setting for the comment function should be adjusted.

Externally, the new website should be deposited in Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, but that’s going too far here now…

Now we have to wait and hope that the site is found by Google crawler well. If that doesn’t work I’m available for an SEO analysis or SEO support.

More SEO tips & SEO tricks

More tips & tricks: Not only for WordPress SEO you can find here on StudioStripe.com much helpful information, tips, and tricks on the topic of search engine optimization.

In the area of free SEO tools, there are currently more than 10 different tools that help to find the error and optimization opportunities on websites and thus improve the ranking in the long term…

…the neighbor to this is the free Keyword Analysis Tool.

Section “SEO tips to implement yourself” currently contains only a few tips that give beginners and interested people some practical tips and can benefit from my many years of experience.