Link Building Services

We get the most out of your link marketing campaign. Through professional link building services, we sustainably increase your traffic and your sales!

Our services for professional link building

Link building is essential for a strong ranking with search engines like Google. Links to your website show search engines your relevance and communicate your expertise. The more high-quality links pointing to you, the better your ranking can be. Professional link building is therefore an important part of modern search engine optimization and one of the core services of Studio Stripe, your reliable SEO agency.

Meaningful linking for a better ranking

We recognize which backlinks make sense for you and how we can build these links. We analyze the current situation and based on our results we find high-quality link sources that will improve your ranking in the long run…

A wide range of options for high-quality links

We use a variety of strategies and methods to generate high-quality links. Content marketing, linkbait, authority links, advertising partners, and much more: we strengthen your website with a versatile, individual, and efficient network of backlinks.

Optimization of existing links

Through an in-depth analysis, we find out how your backlink network is currently doing and where there is room for improvement. We pay extra attention to links that are detrimental to you and remove them.

Long-term success strategy

Professional link building is a long-term process that requires a lot of intuition. We develop a strategy for you that will bring success in the long run. Our trained specialists work goal-oriented and far-sighted.

Advantages of link building: networking for more visibility

Essential for the success of the measure is linking through high-quality sources. Not every backlink will bring your site forward and some linking can even be harmful.

Trustworthiness, relevance, number of links, and many other factors determine the quality of a backlink. We have an overview of all these aspects and thus guarantee a link building from which you profit in the long run.

In the following, we will show you some possibilities to sensibly introduce links:

  • Building high-quality content & authority links
    content marketing
  • Linkbait (achieve viral effects with e.g. eBook, infographic)
  • Individual research for possible cooperation and advertising partners

Studio Stripe offers competent link building

With the SEO company Studio Stripe you have an expert partner in the search engine marketing field. Thanks to many years of experience, our team of professionally trained employees performs first-class work in the field of link building and thus supports the economic progress of your company.

You will receive a regular overview of backlinks to your website to personally convince yourself of our work. We advise you on your possibilities with professional website link building and website optimization and give you useful tips.

Internet is all about networking. The goal of Google SEO link building is to make your website a relevant part of the worldwide network that search engines like Google recognize as such. By optimizing your existing backlinks and creating new links for your website, we ensure high-quality connections that clearly demonstrate your relevance to search engines.

Professional link building with high-quality backlinks has clear benefits for you and your website.

  • Improved ranking – with professional link building, you specifically improve your ranking in search engine results. With high-quality backlinks, you show that your website is relevant.
  • Consistent ranking – a backlink network provides permanently improved ranking and becomes more and more a reliable basis for success through the constant building.
  • Absolute transparency – how and where the backlinks generated and optimized in SEO link building improve the ranking of your website is always comprehensible for you. We work absolutely transparent.
  • More visibility: More customers – links to your website increase your visibility on the web and thus lead more customers to your website. This also increases your sales.

Link building methods

How can backlinks be built? There are various options for backlink building or increasing link popularity. In addition to black hat measures such as link buying or link renting (which should not be used), high-quality web directories, content marketing, and guest articles on other websites are especially common ways to build backlinks.

It is always important to take a close look at the websites on which the link is to be placed. This is because disavowed websites that have attracted negative attention in the past can continue to place links – however, such a link is worthless at best and toxic for search engine visibility at worst.

Over-optimization of link texts can also lead to problems, as the Google Penguin filter pays particular attention to these manipulation tactics.

Organic link growth can work wonders in terms of SEO. The naturalness of the links is crucial here because only natural backlinks are safe and thus recommendable in the long term. A clean link profile ensures that you can sleep soundly without fear of the next Google update.

The best link building methods

  • Guest article: The goal is to be allowed to place a guest article incl. linking at influential portals.
  • Presswork: High-quality backlinks from newspapers and major magazines can be generated through classic press work.
  • Reverse engineering of competitors’ link profiles: The simplest and best link building strategy to start with is to reverse engineer the link profiles of top competitors.
  • Linkable assets: A linkable asset is about publishing a fantastic content piece on your website, which you then market. Here, there must be nothing else like it in your niche yet.
  • Directory listings: Company directories and web catalogs have a bad reputation. Nevertheless, there are still directories that really bring it, especially for new projects.
  • Link exchange with partners and suppliers: Link exchange is rightly frowned upon. However, on a small scale, link exchange with partners and suppliers is perfectly fine and helpful.
  • Testimonial link building: Your company almost certainly uses products or tools from other companies. You can offer these companies a testimonial. In many cases, you will also get a backlink.
  • Roundup link building: Many blogs do so-called roundups, where they “feature” best blog articles from a certain period. You can pitch your content to such blogs.
  • Resource page link building: In the past, almost every website had a page with link tips. In some “slow” niches, this still exists. This type of link is extremely valuable because link tip pages are considered authority hubs for Google in some cases.
  • Broken link building: The internet is always in motion. It happens quickly that a link points to nowhere. This is your chance to suggest your content.

What tasks a link building agency does?

Even though the Google search algorithm is constantly evolving and the importance of individual ranking factors is continuously changing: Backlinks continue to play a very important role in search engine optimization. Google considers external links as a recommendation for a website, which increases its relevance accordingly. However, this only works if the backlinks come from many different sources, fit thematically to one’s own content and the referring pages meet certain quality criteria.

A professional link building agency will support you in building and expanding your backlink profile. The first step is an analysis of the already existing backlink structure. Most link building agencies use SEO tools to evaluate the number of existing backlinks as well as their quality. The analysis also includes a detailed examination of the backlinks of your most important competitor sites, where a special backlink tool can help.

Based on the results, the link building agency will create a backlink strategy tailored to your company with measures to strengthen your backlink profile. This may involve, for example, purchasing high-quality backlinks, entering your website in relevant business directories, creating and placing guest articles, or removing toxic backlinks using a disavow tool.

The range of services offered by many link building agencies is often much more comprehensive so that some SEO agencies will also take over the complete SEO support of your website for you.

How much a link building agency campaign costs?

In terms of costs, you need to distinguish between the pure consulting and link building costs for the agency and the costs incurred for the purchase of backlinks.

The consulting and link building costs depend on the specific scope of tasks that the link building agency is to perform for you. This is derived from the goals that you want to achieve with the measures. Here you should obtain binding offers from several agencies in advance.

The costs for backlinks can start at 50 euros and rise to several thousand euros. This depends, for example, on the size and popularity of the website where you want to place the link. Further costs arise if not only the pure backlink is purchased, but the appropriate content must also be created as part of a guest article. The billing is usually done on an hourly basis.

Why link building is important?

The following rule applies to link building: quality comes before quantity. For you, this means that you should look for backlinks as part of your link building process:

  • link should come from real websites with a lot of Google traffic, where the source site has a high Google trust (e.g. editorial news sites) that can be inherited by your site,
  • where the website itself has many backlinks, thus a high domain authority and domain popularity
  • linking website thematically matches the content of your domain.

Avoid backlinks from link farms with questionable content and quality. Make sure that you vary the anchor texts of your backlinks and do not use the money keyword too often.

If you stick to these basic rules, you will permanently increase the visibility of your website and thus continuously increase your traffic.

How can you recognize a good link building service?

When choosing a link building agency service, you should be very selective, as link building is on the edge of what is allowed and violates Google’s guidelines. If Google detects purchased or otherwise dubious links, this can lead to penalties and associated ranking losses.

All the more reason to make sure when choosing a link building agency that it works seriously knows the Google rules and complies with them as best as possible. This includes, for example, that the backlink structure is built sustainably and unnatural link growth is avoided. The agency should generally avoid low-quality links, such as those that come from many blogs or link networks. Buying cheap links on marketplaces will also tend to hurt the ranking.

Good link building agencies are closely networked, have their own network of high-quality link sources, and employ professional and qualified editors to create valuable content that meets your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact potential link building agencies before placing an order and convince yourself directly of the expert knowledge as well as the working methods of the agency in a personal conversation.