SEO Freelancer

Are you looking for an SEO freelancer? I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Marcin and as a passionate online marketer, I am completely specialized in the field of search engine optimization.

As an SEO specialist and freelancer, my clients include a wide variety of companies. Because whether service provider, restaurant, broker, lawyer, doctor, online store, retailer, one-man-show, medium-sized company, or corporation. In today’s world, they are all searched for and found via search engines such as Google. But only the companies with discoverable websites and the top results get the clicks, visitors, inquiries, and the resulting sales.

Search engine optimization helps the website to be found exactly where your customers are already looking for your products or services. I attach great importance to honesty and transparency. In case of cooperation, you will regularly receive a written report from me with all implemented measures and the development. Furthermore, there are no contract periods, you decide about duration and intensity.

Do not hesitate to write me a message or call me. I will be happy to provide you with a free analysis in advance in the form of a short video. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!

How do I work as an SEO freelancer?


As an SEO freelancer, the communication channels are short and direct. I implement all measures personally and am always your direct contact and available.


I trust in my ability and my clients, for this reason, there are no contract periods with me. You can terminate the cooperation with me as an SEO freelancer at any time at the end of each month.

Monthly reporting

At the end of each month, you will receive an SEO report with the implemented measures as well as the development of all-important key figures. The plan for the next month is also included.

Targeted marketing

Compared to classic media and marketing measures, you have a significantly lower waste with SEO. This is because only people who are already searching for you are reached.

My services as an SEO freelancer

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO – Local search engine optimization for service providers, craftsmen, doctors, and companies with a local target group
  • Optimization of Google MyBusiness entries for more visibility in the local area
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On- and OffPage SEO with sustainable and well-founded strategies for long-term success
  • Support in the creation of additional sub-pages for optimal SEO alignment
  • Creation and implementation of SEO texts and articles

How much does it cost to work with me as an SEO freelancer?

As an SEO freelancer, I am of course cheaper than a classic agency due to a reduced cost apparatus. Besides, your budget is converted 1:1 into performance. However, it is difficult to make a general statement, because many factors play into the calculation and each project differs in size, status quo, and competitive environment. The best way to find out how much SEO will cost you for your project is to contact me, call or email me. After an initial exchange, I can usually already provide customized analysis and offers.

Why hire an SEO freelancer?

Without experience, it is difficult to design and optimize a website yourself so that it is ideally found on Google and Co. This is where I come in as an SEO freelancer, with a lot of experience and my professional tools. I design your content and other measures so that they are also found on the World Wide Web.

The frequent appearance on the top positions of the search engines alone provides not only for traffic on your own website but also for additional sales and awareness in your market.

Of course, you can hire large agencies to optimize your website. However, here you have to expect significant additional costs and poorer communication as well as contract terms. Agencies work with countless permanent employees and must calculate their prices accordingly. Wage costs and additional expenses or the rent of the office rooms want to be paid. These costs are of course borne by the customer.

However, I as an SEO freelancer work mostly from home and thus save not only on rental costs. I can therefore make my prices fairer and cheaper. Freelancers are self-employed, working for themselves and their own success, thus also extremely interested in the success of your customers. Of course, this motivation also affects the measures that must necessarily be carried out perfectly.

Only in this way can I, as an SEO freelancer, hope for follow-up orders. In contrast to large agencies, your website will not be treated on an assembly line, but very personal and I can respond better to individual wishes and needs. With my customers, I maintain a very close and relaxed relationship, so that we can work out and implement the ideal SEO strategy together.

It is very important to me to have a good relationship with my customers so that I can openly address problems/issues from both sides. Celebrating and appreciating SEO successes together is also important to me. As an SEO freelancer, I am very much in love with my profession, but it is also important to understand my clients and their target audience. Only in this way can I choose the right keywords, implement measures optimally and also address the target group correctly.

I look forward to getting to know you and will be happy to advise you free of charge in advance!

Advantages of search engine optimization

Better rankings

With the help of professional search engine optimization, it is possible to bring your website to the front for the terms that are relevant for you, which also leads to more users visiting the site.


Search engine optimization is measurable thanks to the most modern SEO tools, the most important key figures such as rankings, visibility, visitors, sales, or inquiries can be tracked. So you can also see the development and the most successful keywords.

New customers

Finally, the overriding goal of search engine optimization is, of course, to win new customers. Since with SEO the user is already actively searching for your company, these are very relevant website visitors who are also easy to convert.

Who is better: SEO freelancer or SEO agency?

Whether you choose an SEO freelancer or an SEO agency depends largely on your individual starting position, your company, and the size of your projects.

Probably the biggest advantage of an SEO agency is that it has know-how in various fields due to its many employees. For larger projects, this can be the decisive factor. An SEO freelancer, on the other hand, usually has expert knowledge in a few specific areas and is, therefore, the first choice when expertise is needed precisely from his specialty.

Access to several SEO agency employees is also an advantage when it comes to time-critical projects. Because while the absence of an SEO freelancer (e.g. due to illness) can jeopardize a fixed deadline, SEO agencies with several employees have fallback capacities so as not to jeopardize the progress of the project.

What speaks for an SEO freelancer – besides his special knowledge – is often a much closer and more direct contact with the company. The freelancer often works more responsibly than the employee of an SEO agency, because as a self-employed person you usually have a completely different motivation to deliver good work.

Another reason to choose an SEO freelancer is the sometimes cheaper price compared to an SEO agency.

How do I recognize a good SEO freelancer?

When looking for a good SEO freelancer, your first port of call will probably be their website. But already one step before, namely during the Google search, you can see how much the expert knows about his craft. Since he should achieve top rankings for your website in the future, he should also be found far in front of his own page.

On the website itself, there should be information about the SEO expert’s specialization as well as about already completed projects or other references. A well-managed blog, on which relevant and current specialist topics are dealt with, also testifies to the competence and experience of the expert.

However, you should not trust the information on the website alone, but rather seek a personal conversation with the service provider before making your decision. There you can both check the accuracy of the information on his website and at the same time convince yourself of his competence. Therefore, go into this conversation well prepared and confront your interlocutor with concrete questions. This will give you the necessary information about their expertise, based on which you can make your decision.

What is SEO anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, this is not a “push-button marketing method”, but rather a technical long-term process, which includes all measures that are implemented, for example, by me as an SEO freelancer to make a website more visible in search engines and to achieve better rankings. Mainly it is about Google, the biggest search engine worldwide.

Especially with terms that are contested, it can take a little longer until top rankings are available. But above all, it is due to the algorithm, which is why search engine optimization can take some time, the Google algorithm must first process and classify certain measures before the rankings rise accordingly.

SEO consists of two areas: OnPage and OffPage SEO

As the names already reveal, OnPage SEO is about all measures that are implemented directly on a website. And OffPage SEO is about all measures, which are carried out outside the website.

OnPage SEO

The measures directly on the website are very diverse. The focus is on content components such as keywords, images, texts, technical features, URL structure, and title and description for Google better known as metadata. The metadata (title and description for Google) consists of the so-called title tag (title) and the meta description (description).

These whole areas are optimized by me as SEO Freelancer on keywords/search terms and optimal readability for the Google search robot. As an SEO freelancer, I always start with detailed keyword research and analysis. That means in the first step I find out what your customers enter into the search engine in the first place. And most importantly, I define in consultation with you focus keywords that will be particularly important for us in the optimization. Since the intention and chance of a purchase or an inquiry are highest here. Texts also need to be revised and expanded as a rule. Because the text is not equal to the text.

A normal text is usually not as extensive as an SEO text and does not contain search terms. The creation and maintenance are also done by me. This always takes place in consultation with you, so that there is no content on your website that you do not want to have there. Since Google wants only the best for its users, I optimize as a freelancer for SEO your website as a basis so that they also get only the best. And find the things that the search engine robot wants to see.

OffPage SEO

The area of OffPage SEO includes, as the name suggests, all measures that are implemented outside of a website. The main focus is on link building. Links from other websites to your own website are built up. You can compare this with ratings on Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Co. Whoever has the best or most relevant reviews, i.e. links, also receives better rankings in the end. And thus enjoys a high level of trust on the part of the search engine.

However, it is not only quantity that is decisive here. Above all, the quality and topic relevance of the linking pages play a major role. Because Google is constantly evolving and quickly recognizes bad linking. But also things like the Google Search Console or the Google MyBusiness entry fall into the area of OffPage optimization.

Especially the Google MyBusiness entry offers great opportunities for local keywords to achieve a very good range even in a short time. With a placement in the so-called 3-pack (excerpt of the three most relevant Google MyBusiness entries), for example, many users also become aware of your company.